As a wedding photographer and videographer team, we work hard to get to know a couple, from how they fell in love to what they hope for their future together. The best weddings are wildly personal ones, carefully curated to tell the story of the couple getting married. We want to honor that in our photographs.

All this personal connection makes for a genuine ease around our camera, which leads to images of people as they really are. We always think of one couple, after their ceremony, the groom went to kiss the bride and caught a tear tracing down her cheek. It was a private, very romantic moment, just between them. We captured it, but we didn’t interrupt it, or intrude. Their level of comfort with our presence made it possible for us to almost disappear, and this moment will always be a part of their wedding album.

Being chosen to document a couple’s wedding is both an enormous honor and a massive responsibility. There are no second chances in this business, no instant replay. Only thoughtful preparation and intense attention to detail can put a shooter in the right place at the right time. Scouting a location where we have worked before, we try to see it with fresh eyes at the exact time of day it will be used, looking for the best light, the best spots for that particular season. This advance preparation builds our enthusiasm for making a unique experience. And because we are prepared, weather and disasters are never a problem, but rather just another part of the day.